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14 June 2009 @ 09:25 pm
[music video] "up high"  

Click video to go to a larger viewing size.

Music: Sober by Pink
Fandom: Resident Evil
Footage: Degeneration, Code Veronica
Pairings: Leon/Claire, Steve/Claire, Chris/Claire
Intro: The Last Day On Earth by Kate Miller-Heidke

My first RE MV completed, yaaay go team.

This new version of Premiere is way different than the one I was so used to, too. How the transitions work is different. Better by far, but different and took some getting used to. I think the setup is better even though it *looks* more intimidating when you first open it. A lot more buttons and menus, lol. I installed it and opened it and was like "oh fuck no." But then I got the hang of it.

Playback in the preview pane is sooo much better, though that's mostly 'cause I have a better computer, I think?? You don't have to, like, select your timeline and have it process a preview file to see all your effects/transitions/etc like in the old version, which was a pain in the ass. Especially with a video like this where I had lighting effects on 90% of the clips to even out the colors and saturate all the really bland CV scenes.

Ummm... Let's see, I tried making the first chunk of scenes of Claire in the airport darker with an ambiance lighting because my source footage was making everything look like shit. I hope it isn't too dark on normal monitors/screens. I know my timing with the flashes is a couple milliseconds off in a few places, but it's difficult to time them around transitions.

Like I mentioned above, lighting effects/ambiance settings/brightness and contrast adjustments on... most everything save for a few. The Code Veronica clips are naturally so dull and flat looking, so I upped the saturation in those, upped the contrast a little and used the lighting effects on those, too, and they turned out looking a lot better than I thought they would. The graveyard scene still looks pretty pale and bland but nothing I tried was working on it, so.

Idek about the pairings. I tried kind of... sectioning it out. Started out with Leon/Claire, then it moved into Steve/Claire and finally ended up in Chris/Claire. I'm just waiting to see how many flames I get for that one, but stfu I like it. (Yes, I like the pairing, if you have a problem with it, I suggest not watching. :( )