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18 September 2008 @ 05:00 pm
[fic] unrivaled  
title: unrivaled
fandom: final fantasy iv
pairings: kain/cecil.
rating: PG-13
status: complete
word count: 1,088


He's a clumsy sort when Kain first meets him. A young, awkward (just barely) teen who knows little more than how to hold his sword properly... and even then, it's only just.

Kain is the top of their class, but he sees the potential in Cecil that even their swords-masters seem to miss, and so he trains with the quiet boy in the free hours just before dusk. The setting sun melts into the mountains in the distance, and its waning light catches off of their weapons – Cecil's sword, Kain's spear – like tiny sparks flicking from a fire. They fight until they're both too tired to do it any more, or until their stomachs have reminded them that supper is hours past and they have homes to return to. They go their separate ways, but Kain always finds himself returning to Cecil day in and day out to repeat what eventually becomes so routine.

Cecily Harvey is not one well-suited for such vicious positions within the King's army, Kain thinks. He's kind-hearted and gentle, with warm eyes and a soft smile. Training will harden him some, take that softness away as the years go on... and yet Kain never sees the light in the boy's eyes dim any. The warmth there never seems to fade. Whatever it is that drew Kain to him the day they met keeps him, holds him near for years to come, and Kain has little complaint on the matter.

And Cecil does improve with the aspiring Dragoon's aid and guidance. (Too, perhaps, Kain improves because of Cecil, as well.) The younger boy never wins in their sparring matches, although as the years go by he does get closer to it. Kain accuses Cecil of not putting his all into their spars and Cecil steadies his sword, widens his stance and lunges again with more ferocity than before. In the end, he still ends up in the dirt and Kain leans over him with a sigh upon his lips and a shake of his head.

"Perhaps you need something to motivate you," Kain announces to a now-seventeen year old Cecil, who is dusting the dirt from his clothes as he clambers to his feet once more. Kain's gaze wanders off, casually sweeps over the familiar form of the girl they have both been watching the last few months. Pretty little Rosa in the garbs of the training White Mages, and she doesn't even glance their way as she passes by in the distance with others of her kind. Kain tips his head, considers, returns his attention to his companion.

"All right," he says then, bolder than before. "Winner of the next round gets one thing of his choosing. If I win," he nods his head in the direction Rosa has gone, "...my prize will be a kiss."

Cecil's head shoots up from where he has been looking down and studying a tear in his shirt. His eyes are impossibly wide, startled, and he nearly drops his sword. "—A what?"

"A kiss," Kain repeats, lifting his spear and spinning it once with surprising ease. "Are you going deaf on me, Cecil?"

"No," the other says, still sporting that awkward, dumbfounded expression that reminds Kain so much of his best friend in his younger years. Some things never change.

"Do we have a deal?"

Cecil fusses with the fastener on his cape, straightens up and wills the heat rushing to his face to go away. At first he only nods, unable to find his voice, but eventually manages a simple, "Yes," as he lifts his sword once more.

What Kain has hoped would inspire the other to fight harder seems to only have him flustered. His movements lag where they are normally quick and precise, and it takes barely half the time to bring Cecil to his knees on the ground before him, spear-point touching oh so delicately to the teen's throat. Cecil's breath is quickened, and Kain doesn't miss the trace of a blush on the other's cheeks. He lowers his spear, offers a hand that Cecil hesitantly accepts to stand.

"I'm not even going to ask what that horrid display was," Kain sighs, withdrawing his hand and placing it upon his hip as his gaze wanders off once more in the distance; he can only just see the training hall used by the White Mages during their study hours. "All the better for me, however."

What were the remains of a blush picks quickly up once more across Cecil's pale skin, and the younger boy ducks his head in embarrassment. It doesn't last long, though, and soon Cecil is lifting his chin with a thin-lipped look of determination as he takes the step and a half needed to close the distance between Kain and himself. Kain pauses in whatever he had planned to say next, gaze dropping to his friend in curiosity.

Cecil's hands have curled into tight fists at his sides, and he frowns as though considering. Before Kain has the chance to ask him what is wrong, Cecil has risen up and leaned in, and his lips brush against Kain's with the awkward sort of clumsiness that Cecil has always displayed in things he is unfamiliar with. Kain thinks to shove him away, or to step back and demand to know what Cecil thinks he's doing—

And yet Cecil's mouth against his feels as soft and warm as it looks, and the breeze is sending a few of those long, pale strands of hair to tickle at Kain's cheek. Confusion and initial horror aside... Kain finds himself returning the kiss with a silent curiosity all his own.

When they part a solid minute later, Kain can only blink at Cecil once, twice. Three times, as Cecil bows his head again and licks absently at his lips that still taste faintly of his friend's. Another minute ticks by before Kain turns away from him and says, "Not... quite what I meant, but that will do." His amused tone has Cecil looking up again, confused at first and then horrified.


"Come along, Cecil. We should be getting home."

"No, wait, what—"

"I'll tell you when you're older. Don't go thinking this is permission for you to throw your fights, though, do you understand?"

"What... but if that wasn't – then what did you mean? Kain? Kain-!"

Kain is walking away while he laughs, and Cecil can only hurry after him with his frantic questions still hanging in the air.
Twilittwilit on September 22nd, 2008 01:08 pm (UTC)
OMG so cruel of Kain there at the end to just leave the boy hanging. I love it. It's just the thing the budding sociopath would do, a tiny twist of the knife that is a prelude of everything yet to come.

Good job.

(oh wait, found this through the ffpress comm, in case you think I'm a crazy ljstalker ¬_¬)
Kelleyskittled on September 22nd, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)
Haha. Thanks. ♥ Glad you enjoyed it~